Sacred Music

by Paul Jernberg

Musicians will enter on this new work (the composition of sacred music) with the desire to continue that tradition which has furnished the Chruch, in her divine worship, with a truly abundant heritage.  Let them examine the woks of the past, their types and characteristics, ... so that "new forms may in some way grow organically from forms that already exist," and the new work will form a new part in the musical heritage of the Church, not unworthy of its past,

-Musicam Sacram, Art. 59

Magnificat Academy

A Charitable Organization for the Promotion of Sacred Music

Magnificat Academy was founded in 2005 as a Choir School in the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, with a full academic curriculum for grades 4-12. This was at the time one of three Catholic Choir Schools in the United States, and the only one to include all high school grades. Taking students with virtually no musical background and training them on a daily basis, the Magnificat Academy Choir under Paul Jernberg’s direction came to be known and loved throughout New England and beyond for its inspiring performances and recordings.

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In 2009 the school became attached to the Cathedral of St. Paul in Worcester. Althoughclasses were discontinued in 2011 due to a shortage offunds, Magnificat Academy continues its mission today as a 501 (c)3 on-profit organization, under the governance of a Board of Trustees, for the promotion of sacred music.

©Paul Jernberg and Magnificat Academy.