Sacred Music

by Paul Jernberg

Musicians will enter on this new work (the composition of sacred music) with the desire to continue that tradition which has furnished the Chruch, in her divine worship, with a truly abundant heritage.  Let them examine the woks of the past, their types and characteristics, ... so that "new forms may in some way grow organically from forms that already exist," and the new work will form a new part in the musical heritage of the Church, not unworthy of its past,

-Musicam Sacram, Art. 59

Propers for Confirmation Score


Propers for Confirmation Score

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Musical settings by Paul Jernberg

I. Introit

II. Responsorial Psalm

III. Offertory Chant

IV. Communion Chant

Available immediately in 8.5 x 11", 6 page score

COMING SOON Choral Octavos 7" x 9.5"

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