Musicians will enter on this new work (the composition of sacred music) with the desire to continue that tradition which has furnished the Chruch, in her divine worship, with a truly abundant heritage.  Let them examine the woks of the past, their types and characteristics, ... so that "new forms may in some way grow organically from forms that already exist," and the new work will form a new part in the musical heritage of the Church, not unworthy of its past,

-Musicam Sacram, Art. 59

“Are you interested in finding more beauty? Is music really just about feelings and emotions,  or is there something more to it?  Is there order in the heavens that could be harmonized with, here on earth?

I don’t even know how to tell you about this amazing music for the Mass. I don’t want you to think it’s normal music. It’s not a collection of hymns. It’s maybe not what you think it is.

This CD and Score represent the work of Paul Jernberg, who has composed settings for the prayers we say at Mass (and they are prayers from Scripture, so everyone can appreciate the sheer beauty of them!)

Paul was challenged by the need for chant music that would be especially, particularly suited to the new translation of the Mass in English. It’s performed by a world-class choir: the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, directed by James Michael Thompson.

As members of the choir Paul directed at the time of composing this opus, we were basically present at its gestation and birth. We encouraged him. He pushed us. Now we sing this Mass every Sunday at our church. So I know this work inside and out, and I am here to tell you that you need to listen to it! 

This particular recording also includes lovely ancient motets and chant, and Paul’s settings of the Propers for a Confirmation Mass, and they add to the beauty of the work – but the main thing that you need to know is this:

Not only will you enjoy listening to this CD, but you will find a world opening up to you — a world in which worship can have a unified,  traditional, approachable, and lovely expression in beautiful music. 

Your choir can learn this music! Your congregation can learn it! Paul has also prepared a score for choirs. Your family could learn this Mass! And you will simply just enjoy listening to it.

Please share this with your friends, far and wide. More people need to know about this gift to the church! Tell your pastor and your music director!”

- Leila Marie Lawler

Author of Like Mother, Like Daughter Blog

Co-author of The Little Oratory

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