Sacred Music

by Paul Jernberg

Musicians will enter on this new work (the composition of sacred music) with the desire to continue that tradition which has furnished the Chruch, in her divine worship, with a truly abundant heritage.  Let them examine the woks of the past, their types and characteristics, ... so that "new forms may in some way grow organically from forms that already exist," and the new work will form a new part in the musical heritage of the Church, not unworthy of its past,

-Musicam Sacram, Art. 59


Thomas Howard, Author and Scholar

"The liturgical music which Paul Jernberg is composing can take its place with dignity and grace in the Church's venerable tradition. In his work, and especially in his Mass of St. Philip Neri, we are presented with that lovely paradox which we find in the whole history of the Church's liturgical music, namely, music which speaks authentically in, and of, and for its own epoch, but which gathers into itself the whole foregoing tradition of liturgical music." Read more...


David Clayton, The Way of Beauty

"Whether for English or Latin it [The Mass of St. Philip Neri] is always simultaneously traditional, evoking a sense of continuation with the great chant and polyphony of the Catholic tradition, yet still fresh and new.

It is accessible to the listener – it has beauty and dignity appropriate to the Mass and I have noticed that even congregations who are not schooled in traditional chant and polyphony enjoy it and respond immediately." Read more...


Leila Lawler, Co-author of The Little Oratory

"Not only will you enjoy listening to this CD, but you will find a world opening up to you — a world in which worship can have a unified, traditional, approachable, and lovely expression in beautiful music. 

Your choir can learn this music! Your congregation can learn it! Paul has also prepared a score for choirs. Your family could learn this Mass! And you will simply just enjoy listening to it." Read more...


Roman Hurko, Composer and Director

"I find this Mass setting very beautiful; very contemplative. As a composer from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church tradition, I feel very much at home in its aesthetic, one that I would characterize as eschewing the harshness of electric light in favor of the soft glow emanating from candlelight." Read more...


Fr. Philip Anderson, Abbot, Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey

"It seems to me that the liturgical compositions of Paul Jernberg do a good job of speaking a language that is both modern (of our time) and rich with harmonies that echo the best works of past ages.  This is a remarkable success given the very strong consensus about modern music having to relinquish the diatonic scale and the musical architectures of more classic times." Read more...

Dominic Finn, Director of Sacred Music, St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland

"Over the past few years, I have been introduced to some of the  compositions of Paul Jernberg, most notably his Mass of St. Philip Neri, and his settings of the Psalms for the Easter Vigil. His music has been very well received both by the choir and congregation of St. Colman’s Cathedral, and everyone finds it a joy to both sing and listen to.

Paul’s music successfully blends modern compositional expressions with a traditional musical understanding and a brilliant use of harmonic resolution…

His music is thoughtful, joyful, and singable, yet richly musical."


Richard Clark, Music Director of St. Cecilia's, Boston, MA

“Simply stunning!

...His compositional voice is uniquely his, yet without pointing attention to itself. Paul’s rhythmic rendering of the text is simple, but never overshadows the music; it links accessible and sensitive rhythm with the freedom of Gregorian Chant. His music possesses sacred nobility, graceful humility, and simplicity, while reaching for the transcendent…

…the Mass of Saint Philip Neri can be sung with unaccompanied SATB choir, or very easily with organ accompaniment and unison schola . . .  [it] is also a Mass that is very accessible to the congregation after hearing it just a few times.

An educator at heart, Paul is a model servant of the Church. Please pray that his work may continue in great service to the Church, and please sing his glorious music! Read more...


François Lespés, French Journalist and Film Director

'Beauty will save the world!' - Dostoevsky

"I have discovered, fortuitously, the liturgical works of Paul Jernberg: what a gift! Being very attuned to Eastern Orthodox sacred chant, I was immediately touched by these magnificent compositions, which draw their inspiration from the Gregorian chant tradition as well as from Slavic polyphony, immersing the listener in a luminous heavenly beauty. Icing on the cake: this music, far from being elitist, is accessible for ordinary parish choirs. I hope that many will sing this setting, to facilitate the liturgical renewal which is so needed in the Church. If beauty is a privileged way of encountering God, Paul Jernberg is doing, with his compositions, a magnificent work of evangelization." Read original review in French...

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